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SkillSight enables industry to access and analyze the thought-leaders in life sciences and medicine like never before. With search and discovery tools designed with our end-users in mind, SkillSight’s proprietary dataset illuminates relationship science and scholarly influence with metrics that matter. With a platform that lets you interpret and leverage its rich, workable data, KOL searches on SkillSight can lead to newfound strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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We capture and curate data that paints the most informative picture of experts and leaders in both research and clinical practice. We aggregate, disambiguate, and index patents, grants received, clinical trials performed, peer reviewed publications, conference posters, guidelines published, and so much more to give you full transparency into the expertise and influence of a given KOL.

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Influence Metric Builder

Go big or get granular with your criteria, adjusting your ideal parameters for a KOL candidate to match the realities on the ground in research and healthcare.

Defining influence is a challenge. While we offer our own presets to help you navigate the vast sea of information that exists between you and your research or business goals, we understand that sometimes you know what kind of influence is most valuable in a given use-case, and let you have control over defining metrics and predictors.

Analyze Relationships

Understanding biblio- and scientometrics is one way to get a proxy-measure for scholarly impact, but the specifics of who, how, and where those spheres of influence operate are just as critical to strategy and growth. We allow users to hone in on relationship grids, geographic reach, and inferred connection potential. Understand how numbers translate to people and research pipelines.

The data you want on the experts you need

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